Our History

Mauro grew up helping in the kitchen of his father's restaurant in Northern Italy. He later attended a local culinary school where he refined his style and worked towards becoming an executive chef.

Mauro moved to London, England, and he worked in a four star restaurant serving such high profile clientele such as Queen Elizabeth, Pavaratti, Madonna, and others. 

 In the early 90's, he relocated to San Francisco where he fell in love with the rich culinary culture and cuisine and worked as Chef, Manager, and Consultant assisting in restaurant and café openings.

In December 2001 Mauro returned to Italy to master gelato making. He teamed himself up with skilled gelato makers in both Italy and Germany.  To bring the old-fashion Italian Gelateria in the San Francisco Area has been Mauro's dream for years. In 2005 his business plan became a reality when he opened La Copa Loca which has been highly recommended in the community and was voted best gelato in 2008 in SF Weekly magazine.

Our Mission: Freshness!

Our goal is simple: provide our clients with the freshest gelato in San Francisco for reasonable prices, in a friendly and warm environment.

People are welcomed to stop by for a cone, specialty cups, crepes, smoothies and espressos. 

If you crave a flavor that you don't see up front, feel free to ask if it's in the back. Traditional hand-made Italian frozen cakes, like cassata, zuccotti, spumoni, semifreddi or bombe, are made upon request.