Whole Sale

La Copa Loca Gelato is dedicated to use all the expertise to the tradition of gelato-making for wholesale and distribution. Using some special Italian equipment, only local and imported ingredients, along with recipes and flavors, we produce the most authentic Italian Gelato and Sorbet in the area today.
As Wholesalers, we must maintain a high standard and authenticity of our products. Every step of the production is overseen, monitored and brought to hard freezing temperature in no time to preserve food products’ organic qualities, freshness and nutritional values. We use superb plastic sealed liners suitable to a large variety of display case to insure proper sanitation during hardening and transportation. All our gelato and sorbet are ready to be served, so no preparation is necessary.
Our gelato is naturally low in fat. In comparison to others wholesalers, we use a low- butter fat mix in our products in order to keep their products light (essence of Gelato). All products are produced with natural and artisan ingredients.
In order to maintain the best serving experience, we will help you to determine the best temperature in order to provide a fantastic experience to your patrons.
Most of our products is gluten free and soy based, dairy free (sorbets) and dietetic base are available.
All our gelato is made weekly and delivered on the following week through our distributor or you can pick up at our location. We try to accommodate also short notice orders and special requests and work with restaurant chefs to create personal custom recipes.
Please contact us to find out how to purchase our gelato wholesale or for our gelato distributor in the area.