Gelato is the Italian word for Ice Cream, but there are five major differences between Gelato and American Ice Cream.

1. The Fat Content: while the typical American ice-cream contains between 13 to 16% fat, the Gelato only has between 5 to 8% while being processed.

2. Overrun or Yield: ice-cream typically has between 80 to 100% of overrun, whereas Gelato has between 25 to 50% which makes it so dense.

3. The Serving Temperature: Ice Cream needs to be served at -10° F. Gelato is served at 5° F; the warmer temperature allows the tongue to experience more taste and less shock.

4. The Texture: Due to its lower serving temperature and higher fat content ice-cream has a hard texture when served, with higher serving temperature and a lower fat content gelato is served semi-soft.

5. The Freshness: Typical American Ice Cream is stored in 3 Gallon containers for several weeks or longer. Gelato is produced and stored in five liters stainless steel pans and need to be consumed in few days.



Sorbetto or Sorbet is the French frozen confections made with fruit, sugar and water and is fat-free.

Sorbetto is typically served in warmer temperatures and is a non-dairy frozen treat. Production time is approximately 18-20 minutes. 

 Water ices are not usually placed in a flash freezer prior to dipping but are placed directly into the dipping cabinet at a temperature of 15°F. 


Sherbert is a simple Sorbetto with the addition of dairy product, usually milk. 

Called the "sorbet's creamier cousin, a little cream, milk, egg whites, gelatin, or even buttermilk is added to a sorbet mixture.

The result is a frozen dessert,  richer than sorbet but still lighter than ice cream.